Teeth Bonding

Creating Confident Smiles in Richardson, TX

Even patients who take pristine care of their teeth find themselves with a crack or chip every now and then. After all, a broken or chipped tooth can happen when you least expect it, like biting down the wrong way on a popcorn kernel at the movies or playing with your dog or kids in the backyard, and you take one in the teeth.

Accident or not, teeth bonding (also known as composite bonding or dental bonding) is a great alternative to porcelain veneers if you’re looking for a cosmetic transformation to fix teeth that are broken, discolored, or uneven.

Can Teeth Bonding Help My Smile?

Dr. Jack Bodie will tell you that one of the best things about dental bonding is that it doesn’t require him to do an extensive amount of work to prepare your teeth. The good news is, composite bonding can fix your smile conservatively and affordably.

Dr. Bodie can generally finish a teeth bonding procedure in one visit, complete with custom shading, a comfortable fit, and a naturally noticeable improvement. His keen eye for artistic details makes it easy for Dr. Bodie to complete a dental bonding case in the comfort of our Richardson, TX dental office.

How Does Teeth Bonding Work?

Before Dr. Bodie does any work, we’ll make sure we have all of the necessary X-rays and health history we need to proceed. When it comes time for your composite bonding treatment, Dr. Bodie will carefully blend the composite material to a shade that’s natural and matches your other teeth. Your tooth or teeth that you’re having bonded are then prepared by lightly etching the surface. Dr. Bodie then applies the dental bonding liquid before carefully sculpting and layering the bonding material, making sure to fill in your gaps, cracks, and chips. Before finishing your treatment, we’ll give your bonding a polish for a smooth, beautiful finish.

You’ll find that most teeth bonding procedures can be completed in just one visit to our dental office in Richardson. It can also dramatically improve your smile and your self-confidence. Just remember that bonding is still subject to stains, chips, and breaks too just like your natural teeth.

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