Top Emergency Dentist in Richardson, TX

Dr. Bodie is a highly experienced emergency dentist able to treat a wide range of dental emergencies in Richardson, TX. When things don’t go as planned – whether that be a chipped tooth, severe pain, or even a total knockout of your front teeth – it’s important to act quickly.  Having an emergency dentist you can count on will make all the difference. 

The two leading causes of emergency dental visits are accidents and toothaches.  Toothaches can stem from a variety of issues but are most commonly a result of injury or infection. If this is the case, our team will get you scheduled as soon as possible to treat your emergency. 

Knocked-Out, Loosened, or Chipped Teeth

Accidents that cause a tooth to be knocked out, loosened, or chipped should be responded to immediately. This gives your emergency dentist a much better chance of saving your tooth! Adult teeth that are knocked out should be placed back in the socket facing the correct way. If this isn’t possible, you’ll need to place the tooth in a glass of cold milk on your way to the dentist. In the case of chipped teeth, collect all pieces of the tooth so they can be restored through bonding. 

Toothaches and Severe Tooth Pain

Though you might not be able to see the pain of a toothache, you can certainly feel it. Toothaches and pains are often indicative of a deeper issue, such as tooth decay or an infected root. Oftentimes, the best course of treatment for severe toothaches or infected teeth is a root canal. Dr. Bodie is able to perform this routine dental procedure with minimal discomfort for his patients. With these types of dental emergencies, you’ll have a little more time to respond than with a broken or chipped tooth. However, we recommend booking an appointment as soon as possible so you can start feeling better.

For more information regarding dental emergencies, you can view the American Dental Association’s recommendations here. Our team in Richardson, TX, is here to help with any dental emergencies you may have. When life happens, you can count on Dr. Jack Bodie. 

If you’re in need of dental assistance immediately, please reach out to our team at 972-471-9638.