Non Surgical Root Canal

Get A Healthy, Whole Smile

You might not believe it, but non-surgical root canals are one of the most common dental treatments Dr. Jack Bodie recommends to our family of patients at our Richardson, TX, dental office.

We hope that you never need a root canal, but we also want you to know that, if you do, there’s nothing to worry or feel nervous about. With Dr. Bodie’s expertise and cutting-edge dental equipment, our minimally-invasive, non-surgical root canals are not that much different from getting a filling.

What Is A Non-Surgical Root Canal?

Dr. Bodie might consider a non-surgical root canal treatment when a patient has a tooth with badly damaged or decayed pulp to help avoid extraction. We always go out of our way to preserve and protect your natural teeth for as long as possible.

To better understand why we rely on root canals to help fix your smile, it’s best if you understand how a tooth is structured. At the center of every tooth is a collection of blood vessels and nerves otherwise known as something called pulp. Trauma, deep decay, cracks, chips, breakage, or repeated dental procedures can bring infection to your tooth’s pulp, causing jaw or facial swelling, sensitivity to hot and cold, and pain in your tooth and gums. This is when a non-surgical root canal can help save your tooth and your smile.

What Can I Expect During My Root Canal Treatment?

The discomfort most patients experience because of a root canal is usually because of the symptoms and not a direct result of the actual non-surgical root canal procedure. Most root canals Dr. Bodie completes are no different than a filling or routine dental restoration. Prior to starting any work, he’ll be sure you’re comfortable, and the area around your tooth is numb, so you don’t feel anything but safe and relaxed.

Dr. Bodie will carefully and precisely remove any infection in and around your tooth’s pulp, and a durable substance commonly known as gutta percha is used to fill up the cleaned area before a tooth-colored, composite filling completely seals your tooth. This is how we get you and your smile healthy (and happy) again.

One of the best things about non-surgical root canal treatment is that you’ll notice the results immediately. Any discomfort or pain you were feeling prior to your procedure should disappear, and there should be no more sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. Non-surgical root canals are very common in dentistry with over 95% success for most cases.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you’ll want to call our Richardson, TX, dental office right away. You have options, including non-surgical root canal treatment, that can help you feel better about your smile and your self.

You want out of pain.  We can help.
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