iTero Dental Scan

iTero Dental Scan — See What Dental Restoration Services Can Do For You

Are you looking for dental restoration in Dallas, Texas? We use iTero Dental Scan to show you how your smile will look before you invest.

iTero Dental Restoration Scanner

What Is iTero Dental Scan?

The iTero intraoral scanner is a unique digital impressions system that provides three-dimensional
images of your mouth. This simple-to-use tool allows us to easily take your impression with just a single person operating it.

Using a single small wand, we move it around our patient’s mouth, and as it moves, it captures thousands of images of your teeth. Once captured, advanced software assembles the images into a realistic and accurate three-dimensional digital representation of your teeth.

These digital impressions are ideal for a variety of dental restoration services. For patients in need of dental bridges, crowns, veneers, implants, or Invisalign, iTero Dental Scan provides an easier route to getting started. Dr. Bodie uses iTero Dental Scan to collaborate with Invisalign in creating your aligners, as well.

Dr. Bodie uses iTero Dental Scan to collaborate with Invisalign in creating your aligners. With this technology and the three-dimensional images it creates, patients can quickly see how their Invisalign treatment will look from start to finish. With iTero Dental Scan, most patients receive their Invisalign aligners faster and have fewer issues with fit compared to traditional scanning methods.

Benefits of Using iTero Dental Scan

Eliminates Mount Molds & Putty

The iTero Dental Scan provides streamlined use for our team. Traditionally, dental restoration services require an impression of your teeth using mount molds, putty, or powder. With the iTero scanner, you don’t have to use these outdated methods that are also uncomfortable for patients.

Reduce Your Appointment Times

The iTero scanner is one of the most accurate and fast ways to spend less time in the dentist’s office and more time doing what you love. It’s one of the reasons our patients love coming to see Dr. Bodie in Richardson.

Unlikely to Cause Gagging Problems

The scanning wand the iTero comes with is relatively small, which reduces your risk of gagging while we scan your mouth to make the impression.

Faster Impression Times

Get your impressions back faster with the iTero scanner service. Scanning at thousands of frames per second, the entire impression process is very fast and hassle-free. By our estimates, you can reduce your appointment time by up to 20 minutes thanks to this innovative solution.

View In Real-Time

Thanks to the advanced technology of the iTero device, Dr. Bodie can view images in real-time and
analyze them for quality and request any adjustments if needed. This reduces your chances of follow-up appointments and allows you to complete dental restoration services quickly.

Reduced Wait Time for Treatment

Another major benefit of the iTero Dental Scan device is faster dental treatment. The iTero scanner makes it easier for Dr. Bodie to share information with Invisalign since he no longer has to package a physical impression and ship it to their department. This fast-tracks the impression process and jumpstarts your dental restoration services.

Choose Dr. Bodie for All Your Dental Restoration Services in Richardson, TX

If you’re looking for dental restoration in Dallas, Texas, look no further than Dr. Jack Bodie, DDS. Whether you’re looking for real Invisalign results, need assistance with porcelain veneers, are interested in clear braces or teeth whitening, or need help with an overall dental restoration plan, Dr. Bodie in Richardson, Texas can help. With over 40 years of experience, he delivers exceptional care and the latest dental solutions to his patients.