Dr. Bodie’s Vision

My vision for my dental practice is one that serves my Lord Jesus Christ, my family, my patients, my staff, and my community with honesty, integrity, and wisdom. I see us in the office as professionals, relentlessly seeking excellence in the quality of services we provide and in the relationships with our patients and each other. I see us changing and improving the lives of our patients with the services we provide. I want our patients to value our services and understand that we truly care about them by showing them compassion and respect. I want us to build long lasting, meaningful, and trusting relationships with our patients and each other. I want to encourage and support my staff and I want them to encourage and support each other. I see us growing personally and professionally as we work together. I see us being rewarded emotionally and financially for our efforts and I see our patients benefiting from our relationship with them to the point that they excitedly refer everyone they know to our office. Most importantly, I want all that we do to show the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives.