Senior Dentistry in Richardson, TX

Senior Dentistry, also referred to as Geriatric Dentistry, is simply dentistry that specifically addresses the special needs of elderly dental patients. Of course, the age may vary greatly depending on the health of the patient. However, Dr. Bodie and his staff have extensive training and experience in senior dental care and can address the many special needs of this age group. In addition, our office is specially designed to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

Many senior dentistry patients have special needs due to physical limitations, medications, disabilities, and many other medical concerns. Dr. Bodie will consider these issues during treatment planning to make sure senior dentistry patients not only get the most appropriate treatments, but also treatments that consider the special health concerns and medications being taken. It is common for Dr. Bodie to conduct consultations with treating medical doctors during treatment planning to make sure there are no contraindications to treatment and to review the patient’s medical history to confirm the patient’s ability to undergo treatment. This is done without fees as a courtesy to our senior dentistry patients. As a biomimetic dentist, Dr. Bodie specializes in noninvasive techniques that will preserve natural tooth structure, which is especially beneficial in geriatric dentistry.

You Deserve the Best in Senior Dental Care

If you have concerns about having treatment because of your age, or if you have elderly loved ones you are concerned about, Dr. Bodie is always available to speak to regarding these concerns.

If you’re ready to experience excellent senior dental care from the best dentist in Richardson, TX, contact us today to set up your senior dentistry appointment!