Fillings & Dental Restorations

Bring Life Back to Richardson’s Smiles

Forget what you think you know about fillings and dental restorations in Richardson, TX. The technology, techniques, and tools that are available in dentistry today are leaps and bounds better than anything you might have experienced in the past.

Do you have mercury tooth fillings from years ago? You might want to consider having them replaced. Unfortunately, mercury fillings are dark and heavy, making your tooth or teeth look and feel the same. Mercury also has a tendency to expand and contract when exposed to changes in temperature resulting in a weakened tooth structure over time. We are a mercury-free practice, but we can help fix and replace your failing tooth fillings.

What Are Dental Restorations?

Dr. Jack Bodie uses composite, tooth-colored restorations and fillings to not only create a beautiful aesthetic look but also to give your damaged tooth or teeth what they need to stay strong. Our Richardson, TX, dental office specializes in fillings and dental restorations with the overall main goal of always preserving and protecting as much or as many of your natural teeth as we can.

Dr. Bodie focuses on treating diseased or decayed teeth in the most comfortable, affordable way possible. We want you to be able to talk, chew, and smile with confidence and without pain or discomfort. Our office has a wide variety of restorative dentistry options you can choose from depending on what Dr. Bodie and you decide would work best for your schedule and your budget. We offer composite tooth fillings, non-surgical root canals, custom dental crowns, and more.

Do I Need A Tooth Filling?

If you have a tooth or teeth that have a cavity or have been broken down due to decay, there’s a good chance Dr. Bodie might recommend getting a tooth filling or two. Fillings are an extremely important dental service, because they’re designed to help keep your natural teeth healthy to avoid bigger, more costly dental work in the future. Fillings can help prevent bad bacteria from entering your tooth and damaging the pulp or nerves.

If you do need a tooth filling, there’s no reason to panic. The process is relatively simple and pain-free. Dr. Bodie will use some anesthesia to numb the tooth he’s working on, making sure your comfort is our top priority. He uses state-of-the-art tools and technology to completely remove any decay present in your tooth, leaving behind an open hole. Dr. Bodie fills the hole, creating a tooth-colored composite filling with a strong adhesive bond that’s meant to last a lifetime.

Don’t let decay ruin your smile. Talk to Dr. Bodie about fillings and other dental restoration options that could work for you. Contact us today to set up an appointment!