Air Abrasion

Less Drilling, More Comfortable Fillings in Richardson

One of the best parts of working in dentistry today is how much technology has evolved and continues to change over the years, giving patients unprecedented access to more gentle, less invasive treatments. The safe, innovative technologies Dr. Bodie uses in our state-of-the-art Richardson dental office includes air abrasion.

What Is Air Abrasion?

For patients who dislike the sounds and smells of the traditional dental drill, it’s time you experienced how air abrasion technology can remove tooth decay and deterioration without the need for loud or intimidating dental tools.

Dental air abrasion allows us to help clean your teeth, so they’re free from decay before we fill them or seal them to prevent any further issues. We’re able to do all of this and still keep a good portion of your natural tooth structure or tissue intact. Minimally invasive dentistry is the preferred choice when compared to conventional dental drilling.

How Does My Richardson Dentist Use Air Abrasion?

Besides helping us remove tooth decay, air abrasion is versatile and can be used in cosmetic dentistry treatments to remove stains and prepare teeth for better bonding for lasting restorations. 

Dr. Bodie relies on air abrasion for its fine stream of air consisting of safe aluminum oxide, baking soda, and silica ground into tiny particles that combine with a flow of compressed air to remove tooth decay. The precise air stream can find those hard-to-reach spots on your teeth where other tools would have a tough time finding.

Air abrasion is extremely quiet compared to the dental drilling you might be familiar with. There’s virtually no sound, heat, or vibration during your procedure. There’s not even any need for anesthesia or numbing shots, because the air stream is comfortable and almost unnoticeable. This is needle-free dentistry at its best.

Is Air Abrasion Right for Me?

We find that air abrasion can truly improve your experience at the dental office if you have a fear of the dentist or are not fond of the smells that are routinely noticed during treatment.

  • Advanced healing time
  • Minimal treatment pain and discomfort
  • More work completed in one sitting
  • Less time in the dental chair

Generally, patients with early tooth decay (both kids and adults) are good candidates for dental air abrasion. Most treatments relying on air abrasions are short and sweet, leaving your smile in much better shape than when you started.

Find out how air abrasion can work for you today!