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A Better Bite Equals Better Balance

Barcelona, SP- A pair of recent studies conducted by the University of Barcelona and University of Innsbruck has determined that there is a direct link between one’s balance and posture and the straightness of their teeth. Malocclusions, including bad bites (overbites, underbites, and crossbites) crowding, and crooked teeth have been shown to negatively affect balance […]

Nasal Spray Offers New Hope for Needle Fears

There may be some relief in sight for patients who are afraid of needles during minor dental procedures. A nasal spray called Kovanaze was recently found to have oral anesthetic properties during use in nasal surgery. Mark Kollar, the co-founder of the drug’s manufacturer, St. Renatus noticed that following the use of the spray in […]

What is Triclosan?

You may have heard the name “Triclosan” a lot in the news recently, but you may or may not understand what it actually is, or if it’s something you even need to be concerned about. Dr. Jack Bodie DDS can help set the facts straight about Triclosan, and help you decide if oral care products […]