A Guide to Getting Dentures at Your Richardson Dentist in Texas

Richardson Dentures

Did you know that 17% of people over 65 are missing all of their teeth?

Missing teeth can cause many self-esteem issues in people. But beyond that, missing teeth can also cause problems when chewing food and pronouncing certain words. In some cases, it can even change the jaw’s position and give the face a sunken appearance.

Fortunately, complete dentures, partial dentures, or denture implants from your Richardson dentist can solve all of these issues. If you’ve never had dentures before and are now considering them, you might be worried about the procedure and what it entails. But you should know that there is nothing to worry about!

If you’re thinking about getting dentures, keep reading to learn what to expect from the process.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are nothing more than artificial teeth. The concept of dentures has been around for hundreds of years, but only recently have we created a denture that looks and works like natural teeth. No matter the brand, DDS Dentures or otherwise, you will find many pros and very few cons to dentures.

When a person is missing teeth, it is one of the most noticeable things about them. This can make some people ashamed to smile because they are afraid of revealing their missing teeth. Dental dentures can fix this in no time.

Dentures Improve Quality of Life

The modern denture is durable and functional, much like natural teeth, making it easier to eat food again. Dentures can even allow you to eat tough foods such as peanuts and steaks that you might not have been able to eat without dentures. They can also make you look younger.

When people don’t have any teeth, their jawbone is no longer under pressure from their teeth. When this happens, the jawbone will start to deteriorate over time. As a result, the mouth will develop a sunken appearance as the bone gets smaller.

You can see this often in significantly older people, although this can technically happen to people at any age who are missing their teeth. However, the deterioration of the jawbone can make someone look much older than they are.

Guide to Dentures: Two Types

There are two types of permanent dentures: partial dentures and complete dentures.

Complete dentures require your remaining teeth to be removed before your dentist can fit them into your mouth.

Partial dentures or snap-in dentures only replace a few teeth. In this case, you also might want to consider partial dentures vs. dental implants.

Finding the Right Dentist for Dentures

The first visit you take to the dentist will mainly be to ensure that you are a good candidate for complete or partial dentures in the first place. Your dentist will look for gum disease or tissue damage during this visit.

If everything looks healthy, your dentist will make a gum cast—both your upper and lower jaw. If you are getting complete dentures, you will need to have any remaining teeth removed to get the perfect fit.

During the second appointment, your dentist will determine how long your dentures need to be to fit in your mouth. The dentist will also align the lower and upper teeth of the dentures. This is important to prevent any strain on your jaw.

To get all of the benefits of dentures, take your time and research to find a competent dentist for dentures. In this case, the perfect dentist has plenty of experience in dentures.

If you go to a dentist without much experience, you risk wasting your time and money.

You also might end up with dentures that don’t fit your mouth well. Dentures that don’t fit well can cause you pain, and you may not be able to wear them often. Dr. Bodie is highly skilled in denture construction; he has been making them for over forty years.

By choosing a good dentist to make your dentures, you’ll have a set that feels as comfortable and natural as your original teeth.

What About Denture Implants?

Before you get your lifelike denture implants, your dentist will provide you with a wax or plastic cast.

This cast will look almost identical to the dentures you will eventually purchase. The purpose of the model is to make sure that when the dentures are ready, they will fit your mouth perfectly.

After some time wearing them, any uncomfortable quirks should go away.

The denture process time runs somewhere between one to several months. However, denture implants may take longer to craft since they don’t rest on top of the gums like traditional dentures.

Instead, denture implants are connected to your jawbone by screws. This means you won’t be able to remove them yourself. However, denture implants tend to be very sturdy, so you won’t have to clean and soak your dentures at the end of the day.

Getting Dentures from Your Richardson Dentist

If you are nervous about getting complete dentures, partial dentures, or denture implants from your dentist, you shouldn’t be.

Getting dentures is necessary to improve your quality of life significantly—from making it easier to eat to giving you a more attractive smile and ensuring your face keeps its shape. And don’t forget, your dentist can also deal with denture repair later down the track—making dentures an affordable option.

To learn more about the best-fit dentures for you, there’s no need to search “dentures near me.” Instead, simply contact our Richardson practice today!