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A large percentage of senior citizens do not have dental insurance and that typically means they do not visit the dentist for preventive care.   Some may be living with unnecessary dental pain because it may be more difficult for them to get to the dentist.   Trust is an important part of the relationship between an older patient and a dentist.  In our practice, we take the time to get to know all patients, and, in the case of older patients, much of that time focuses on getting to know them, their families, and any special needs they may have.

When we have an older patient, we take the time to explain how a few aspects of their age might affect their dental care.  We talk about their overall health and how it’s important to care for teeth and gums each day to avoid periodontal disease which is linked to cardiovascular disease.  Infections that start in the mouth can easily spread to other systems in the body, especially the lungs, so we emphasize good dental care to avoid unnecessary risk of illness.

We also inform older patients that their teeth may not be as sensitive as when they were young. They may not feel pain or discomfort in a familiar way if they get a cavity or small infection.   Because of this, regular visits for cleanings and examinations take on even more importance for the elderly.

We have extensive training and experience in treating senior patients. We will without charge contact these patient’s other doctors to make sure there are not any conditions or medicines that may affect their treatment. We know this is an important part of their care.

We know the importance of trust when working with senior citizens.  That‘s why we focus on the big picture.  Like all our patients, they need to know the importance of dental health for their age and how being diligent in caring for their teeth keeps them healthier.

If you have an elder family member or friend that needs senior dental care, please contact our office today at 972 235 4767. Visit our website at for more information about senior dentistry.


Dr. Jack Bodie DDS

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