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If this is something you’ve been told by a dentist recently, you should definitely take another look at your options. Due to conflicting opinions and attitudes regarding tooth removal and replacement with implants versus saving damaged teeth, many dentists are removing teeth that can be saved. There are two major reasons for this unfortunate paradigm shift in dental treatment.

Implants versus Natural Teeth

Implants have been being placed successfully by dentists and dental surgeons for over thirty years. Their success rate is better today than ever. However, implants do fail and do have risks and limitations associated with placement. Additionally, implants do not have feeling. In other words, there are no nerve endings in implants like there are in natural teeth, so there is a difference in the sensation of biting and chewing. And, as plain and simple as it sounds, there are no man-made teeth that are as good as God made teeth! Natural teeth have many wonderful characteristics that replacement teeth just can’t match. However, when tooth loss is inevitable, implants can be a good option.

Simplicity and Fees for Implants versus Difficulty and Fees for Saving Natural Teeth

Although some teeth truly are hopeless and must be removed, we have seen many patients with a fatal tooth diagnosis, where the tooth can be saved. But because saving badly damaged teeth sometimes requires extensive clinical expertise or referral to specialists (sometimes more than one), many unwilling, unqualified or inexperienced dentists see removal and replacement either more convenient or more revenue positive. Yowie! Yes, saving teeth can be much less expensive than tooth extraction and replacement!

So if you think you have a tooth or teeth you might be interested in saving, why not get a free second opinion from an experienced dentist that specializes in saving badly damaged teeth. That’s right, let us take a look and we’ll talk openly about your options. X-rays, examination, and consultation all done at no charge for second opinions!

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