Greetings from the office of Dr. Jack Bodie!


After over 30 years of practicing dentistry, it still amazes us that many patients believe if there is no pain or discomfort, everything is OK. Strangely enough, we in the dental profession may be partly to blame! Here’s why.

What do you think is the first question most dental offices ask when interviewing a new patient? Without a doubt it is “Are you having any pain or discomfort?” This automatically leads the patient to believe that if there is no pain, everything must be fine!

Well, at our office, we think a more appropriate question would be “What are your long term plans for your teeth?” This brings to mind some things about what each patient actually wants for their teeth as they age. These may include avoiding dental emergencies, preventing tooth loss, being able eat comfortably, and, smile with confidence for years to come.

You see, dentistry today has many technologies available to help dentists “see” into the future with regard to dental health. Extremely small cavities can now be detected long before they become large and symptomatic (painful). Small cracks can be detected and treated before teeth actually break or fracture. Infected teeth can be detected and treated long before swelling, pain, and tooth loss is eminent. Tooth wear can be prevented long before this condition worsens.

Lastly, the real key to finding out “The Truth About Your Tooth” is all about trust. Honesty and integrity are the foundation for the skill, knowledge and experience necessary for successful dental treatment. But the most defining element is the doctor patient relationship. We believe that developing lasting relationships with our patients result in more successful treatment and more satisfied patients.

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Best Regards,

Dr. Jack Bodie