Why You Should Consider Biomimetic Dentistry

With the many advances in the dentistry field, the landscape of oral health has changed dramatically. Now, there are more options than ever before. Patients are able to fully customize their treatment plan in conjunction with their oral healthcare provider to best suit their needs and lifestyle. One particular type of dentistry that’s seen a surge in popularity is biomimetic dentistry. It’s a type of dentistry Dr. Bodie is excited to offer his patients. But what is biomimetic dentistry, and why should you consider it as an alternative to traditional dentistry?

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Translating to “mimicking nature,” biomimetic dentistry strives to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. Simply put, it’s a form of tooth preserving dentistry. Through less invasive dental techniques, the end goal is still leave teeth strong and protected.

Why is Biomimetic Dentistry a Better Choice?

Traditional dentistry has no doubt helped many people preserve their oral health and save their teeth and gums, but it hasn’t truly reaped the benefits of the many materials made possible by modern science. With biomimetic dentistry, less is more, and preserving the integrity of as much as of the natural tooth as possible is the priority. For example, a traditional approach may utilize large conventional crowns, whereas a biomimetic approach may opt for onlays, which can save as much as 50% of the natural tooth. Additionally, biomimetic dentistry seeks to only treat compromised areas, thereby eliminating unnecessary dental work on healthy teeth and gums.   This approach also uses strong bonding techniques that seal teeth, protecting them from bacteria and infections. that provide the most natural result and seal out future infection

If you feel that making the switch to biomimetic dentistry would benefit your oral health, contact our office today at 972-512-0926 to learn more.