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One of the benefits that come from advanced post-graduate education in Biomimetic Dentistry is instruction in why certain dental materials perform better and how to use these materials.

The goal of Biomimetic Dentistry is for our work to resemble the natural properties of your actual tooth to reduce the potential for future infections or problems.  One of the ways we do this is by selecting and applying materials that are the closest possible matches for your actual tooth enamel and dentin.

When we restore a tooth or fill a filling with a biomimetic approach, our goal is to create a seal between your natural tooth and the restoration that is as strong as your actual tooth.  To create a biomimetic bond that is resistant to fractures that could lead to infection inside the tooth or future damage, we use materials and adhesives that are rigorously tested and proven to stand up to a lifetime of stress from chewing.   These materials plus special training in the techniques to apply and use these materials combine to create my higher, biomimetic standard for restorations and fillings resulting in far greater long-term value.

You might say, but it’s just a filling or restoration.  But when you don’t have to worry about the high probability that a traditional dentistry filling will lead to an infection, crown or root canal procedure, you can appreciate the value of the biomimetic approach.

If you’d like to know more about Biomimetic Dentistry or have questions about how biomimetic dentistry can benefit you or your family, please contact us at or call 972 235 4767. We are also a member of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry and info about the academy can be found at

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Dr. Jack Bodie and Staff

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