The Right Dentist


Greetings from the office of Dr. Jack Bodie!

Finding the right dentist seems to be a difficult thing for many patients these days. Our office is continuously contacted by patients that have either been to dentist after dentist, or haven’t been to a dentist at all for many years. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons why.

The “dentist hopper” is probably the hardest to figure out, but here are a few suggestions. You could say some people are just hard to please, and some are, but I think generally that’s a cop out. Another reason could be the cost of dentistry. Good dentistry is not cheap. It is very clear to me that people very often shop dentists only to find out the truth in the end: You can have good dentistry or cheap dentistry, but not both! It also just could be that many patients are just looking for someone they can trust, and for whatever reason, can’t find that person. My guess is that many dentists won’t take the time to take a real interest in their patients and truly listen to what their patients want.

The “dental fugitive” or “anti-dentite”, as Jerry Seinfeld put it, is a little easier to understand. Most of these people have had bad experiences in the dental office. Some have had many appointments of extensive dental treatment and have just given up. Some have had extensive dental treatment proposed, and can’t get through the emotional and/or financial barriers that seem to exist. And, I guess, some just don’t care. The good news is that there are solutions to all these obstacles, except for those not willing to make the effort!

At our office, you will find on your very first visit that we care about more than your smile. We know that developing lasting relationships with our patients results in the best outcomes for our patients. We will listen to what you want, and do everything possible to assist you in achieving your dental goals. Our experienced staff is fully equipped to provide your dental treatment comfortably with multiple financing options. We offer sedation dentistry for fearful patients or patients that would just like to complete most of their dentistry in two or three appointments.

If you are having trouble finding “The Right Dentist”, we think you might like what we have to offer. We can get you in quickly and you won’t have to wait when you get here. You’ll find a caring staff that will treat you like royalty and give you as much time as you want to discuss treatment options or just visit with you to make you more comfortable. We have some great deals for new patients and a beautiful new, high-tech office we’d love you to see. We are conveniently located one block east of the Central Expressway/Campbell Road intersection. Check us out at, call 972-235-4767, or e-mail us at [email protected] for an appointment today.

Best Regards,

Dr. Jack Bodie



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