Coats for Kids

Coats for kids


Greetings from the Office of Dr. Jack Bodie!

It’s the time of year coming up soon when we’ll all be thinking about others during the holiday season. It’s a great time to think about those less fortunate than ourselves. So, we decided to help out the needy and help our patients at the same time!

For the month of September and October, we will give our patients a onetime discount of $25 on any procedure, if you bring a coat or jacket for donation with you to your appointment. There are a few rules to follow so here goes:

  1. Item must be clean and free from damage
  2. Buttons /zippers must work
  3. No dressy sports coats
  4. Remember these items are for kids to stay warm in winter!
  5. One discount per patient
  6. Offer not good with other discounts

Just bring your item with you to your appointment and we’ll give you the discount! All items will go to Network of Community Ministries for distribution. We’ll keep you posted on our success!


Dr. Jack Bodie and Staff