Why you can trust the office of Dr. Jack Bodie




We all know that trust is the most basic foundation for all relationships. So why can you trust the office of Dr. Jack Bodie? Here are some things to consider when pondering this question.

1. Dr. Bodie is in his 34th year in dental practice. There is no substitute for experience in the profession of dentistry. The pundits say something must be repeated 10,000 times for true mastery. No matter how simple the procedure in dentistry, hundreds of decisions must be made in a matter of seconds. Complications do occur and how these are addressed is the difference in success or failure. How much experience do you want your dentist to have?

2. Check out Dr. Bodie’s staff. What you will see are professional, courteous, experienced, and most importantly, happy people working in the office. These people are passionate about their work and it shows.

3. Dr. Bodie offers his personal guarantee of the quality and durability all services performed. We do not sell or require warranties for services as many dental offices now do. If you ever have an issue with anything, there will always be one person that will stand and take responsibility for everything that happens in this office and make things right in the end. That person is Dr. Bodie.

4. We think it is important to believe in and promote Christian values in this office. We believe that by serving others in our work with honesty, integrity, and competency, we honor our Creator and Father in heaven.

We would like to offer all those interested an invitation to come by our office to meet Dr. Bodie and our staff for a free consultation regarding your dental concerns. Or, just come by to check out our beautiful new state of the art facility. We think once you see what we are all about, you’ll see it’s about trust!