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Greetings from the office of Dr. Jack Bodie!

Investing your money in the stock markets has been a little scary recently. But there is one investment you can make now that may be the best place to put your money! Also, the year end is drawing near and it’s time to think about money left in medical savings accounts (MSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) and dental benefits for those with insurance. There may be no better investment than investing in keeping your teeth for a lifetime!

There are so many good reasons for using these resources to improve or maintain dental health. Here’s the short list:

General Heath – Dental Health Connection

Recent research confirms that a number of dental conditions (especially gum disease and tooth loss), are directly related to poor overall (systemic) health. This has been validated repeatedly by carefully controlled studies too numerous to list. Unfortunately, the medical community seems oblivious to this, since we seldom hear of medical doctors referring patients to a dentist for treatment of gum disease (it is simple to diagnose). The really scary part is that 90% of adults over 35 show some signs of gum disease!

Treatment Costs Increase with Time

Like most businesses, the cost of doing business increases as supplies, rent, etc., go up over time. Dentistry is no exception, and fees usually go up each year to cover costs. Additionally, delaying treatment usually results in more treatment or more complicated treatment being necessary.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurers offer a fixed amount of benefits each year (usually $1000.00). As an employee, you are paying for this benefit, and if you don’t use it, you don’t get what you are paying for. And although you get new benefits each year, the benefits you did not use are lost forever!

HSA’s and MSA’s

Health and Medical Savings Accounts are tax free accounts that can be used for dental treatment. MSA money goes back to your employer if it is not used. Don’t let this money go up in smoke!

Missing Teeth Affects Health of Seniors

This is another no brainer the medical community has ignored. Research findings are very clear that tooth loss is detrimental to aging people’s health. Do you want a full set of natural teeth as you age? Or would you rather worry about being able to eat well at this time of your life?

If you would like to make a sound investment in your health, investing in dental health could be the best investment you can make these days. If you have questions about how you can invest in your dental future or you would like to make an appointment, please call 972 235 4767 or e-mail BodieStaff@DrJack We’ll make sure your investment is in excellence.

Best Regards,

Dr. Jack Bodie

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