Is There a Difference in the Walmart vs. Nordstrom Experience?

Want Walmart Dentistry or Nordstrom Dentistry?

You may have been to a dental office that looked great in advertisements, was convenient, or had a deal you couldn’t refuse, but that turned out to be not such a good deal after all. Maybe you had to wait for long periods of time in the chair, had trouble getting numb, extended periods of sensitivity after treatment, or just did not get the results you expected. If this is true for you, you are not alone!

You might ask yourself “How can this happen?” Unfortunately, these results are all too common, and there is an explanation, albeit a complicated one. So please read on with patience!

The Offices

These offices, which are large group or corporately owned, have business plans that are revenue driven vs patient centered. These offices use experienced non-dentist managers to dictate treatment plans based on revenue generation. Even the offices that do have dentists dictating treatment plans are heavily revenue/insurance driven, causing them to manipulate insurance codes, charge for procedures not done or for procedures more extensive than actually performed. Although these business practices are clearly unethical and illegal, there is little threat from authorities to prosecute. These offices usually have expert marketing plans, beautifully decorated offices, sometimes lower fees, and well trained managers that can sell!

The Dentists

Over the last thirty years the cost of dental education has exploded. Most dental graduates have student loan balances in excess of $300,000, many as much as $500,000! These graduates cannot afford to buy a practice or start independently. This, in combination with too many dental school graduates, provides a steady supply of young, inexperienced dentists needing employment. Guess where they end up working? And typically, working for 25% of the revenue they generate, usually in combination with a quota to reach this percentage. These dentists typically work at these clinics for short periods of time. This results in little to no continuity of care for the patients, and a revolving door of dentists with little concern over building long term relationships with patients or providing long lasting dentistry.

The Staffs

Because insurance driven practices must accept all fees (even the lowest), productivity must be high. This means crowded schedules and limited time for staff to spend time with patients. Dental cleanings are time limited, requiring staff to move patients more quickly through the office with obvious detriment to quality of services. Only senior level management are allowed to make policy, resulting in a disconnect between staff and patients. Staff at these offices have low pay, low morale, and little incentive please patients.


If you want great dentistry that lasts, you should find an experienced dentist you can trust. That always isn’t easy. But there are ways to tell if you’ve found the right dentist. Look for some of the following: 1. An office that is friendly and courteous on the phone and when first meeting. 2. An office that gives you as much time as you want to explain what is important to you. 3. An office where you see staff that looks and feels like they really enjoy working at the office (happy faces) 4. A doctor that listens to you 5. A doctor that gives you as much time as you want to discuss treatment alternatives or just visit and get to know you. 6. A doctor that will personally guarantee the quality and durability of his work

If you are interested in finding an office where honesty, happy faces, and great dentistry are the hallmarks, you should meet Dr. Bodie and the Staff. Try our new patient offer and get a regular cleaning, x-rays, fluoride treatment, photos, examination and unlimited consultation time all for only $149. If you have insurance, that’s all we’ll need. There is no commitment and second opinions are free. Check us out at or call us at 972 235 4767. We can’t wait to meet you!

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