The Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

One of the biggest factors leading to bad dental hygiene for some people is a fear of going to the dentist. The idea of someone probing in their mouth or having any sort of treatment to their teeth and gums is too much for them to bear, so many of those people avoid the dentist, foregoing cleanings and hygiene check ups.

Eventually, these people are forced to see a dentist when the pain from neglected teeth and gums leads to major problems. Even then, the fear still remains. This is why we offer several options for sedation dentistry.

We offer Twilight Sedation in our office for those with the need for the deepest sedation for dentistry. Twilight sedation dentistry administered in our office by an anesthesiologist. Patients under sedation are not fully unconscious but they are sedated enough to dull the experience, allowing me to perform the necessary procedures.

Sedation dentistry is one of the many tools we have available to treat patients and offer the best experience possible. Many people request sedation dentistry when they find out we offer it and it is a safe.

So, is your fear of discomfort at a dental appointment keeping you from maintaining good oral health and hygiene? Are you in pain but you are afraid to see a dentist for treatment? If so, we can help. And, it won’t hurt. Just give us a call and ask about sedation dentistry.