Greetings from the office of Dr. Jack Bodie!

With the last downturn in the economy, there has been
a virtual discount mania in most consumer markets. Groupon, Living Social, Yollar, Best of
Guide, and are just a few of these marketing ideas that were virtually unheard of until recently.
New medical and dental “discount plans” have appeared, some disguised as insurance. And
believe it or not, some of these plans are actually sold and promoted by major insurance

A recent article in Time magazine told of an unfortunate story in which a man purchased one of
these plans thinking it was insurance, only to find that his son’s nearly fatal illness was not
“covered” and that his plan merely gave discounts from certain providers. Lawmakers are just
beginning to be aware this and it may be some time before state regulators can act to prevent
this type of deceptive marketing.

How is this affecting dentistry you might ask? Well, it is pretty easy to see if you just know
where to look. Dental franchises are everywhere. These offices pretty much all offer reduced
fees, acceptance of all insurance and discount plans, evening and weekend appointments, and
various other enticements to get your business. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, it should, that’s
marketing! The reality, however, is often not so.

I think most dentists would agree that most of these offices are staffed by a revolving door of
doctors and staff, usually recent graduates with little experience. Additionally, doctors must
conform to inflexible protocols and techniques with regard to patient care, limiting the doctors’
choice of treatment options. All of this of course, in the name of the mighty dollar!

Another effect many dentists have expressed to me personally is how some offices manipulate
discount dental insurance plans to offset the low fee allowances of these plans. Fees for things
like sterilization, broken appointments, non-covered insurance codes, and even unnecessary
treatment to name a few. Does this sound like the dental office you want for you and your

We believe that excellence and integrity in patient care should be the highest priority of any
dental office. We know that developing lasting relationships with patients results in benefits
otherwise unobtainable. We also feel there is no substitute for experience in providing dental
treatment. Providing continuity of care over time, offering multiple treatment and financing
options, and taking time to help the patient decide the most appropriate treatment, are some
of the cornerstones of what we think make a great dental office.

There is an old saying that says “The sorrow of poor quality remains long after the joy of low
price has gone”. If you have concerns with “discount dentistry” or discount dental plans you
may have received, we can help! Call 972-235-4767 or e-mail us at
[email protected]. You’ll get more than what you pay for!

Best Regards,
Dr Jack Bodie