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Don’t Put Off Dental Treatment Till Retirement!

Greetings from the office of Dr. Jack Bodie! You must admit that it is difficult to engage any media these days without seeing some reference or advertisement to financial planning for retirement. The reason for this is the vast number of people nearing retirement. In fact, Pew Research estimates that 6,200 baby boomers will retire […]

Invest In Yourself…

  INVESTING IN HEALTH Greetings from the office of Dr. Jack Bodie! Investing your money in the stock markets has been a little scary recently. But there is one investment you can make now that may be the best place to put your money! Also, the year end is drawing near and it’s time to […]

Be The Kindness You Wish To See…

THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE! It’s no surprise that our culture celebrates the Holiday Season so fervently. We hear Christmas songs on the radio and see lights going up everywhere, even before Thanksgiving. Everywhere you look there are signs of the season, and it seems that people just can’t wait for it all to happen. […]


ENJOY GOOD DENTAL HEALTH IN SENIOR YEARS! As we boomers continue to “grow up”, we in the dental profession increasingly see many patients nearing retirement age. People are living longer and enjoying later years in life more so than any previous generation. Many things change as we age, and things in the mouth are no exception. The […]

Why You Should Consider Biomimetic Dentistry

With the many advances in the dentistry field, the landscape of oral health has changed dramatically. Now, there are more options than ever before. Patients are able to fully customize their treatment plan in conjunction with their oral healthcare provider to best suit their needs and lifestyle. One particular type of dentistry that’s seen a […]

Quality Dental Care You Can Trust

Finding a dentist that you’re comfortable with isn’t easy. Most people dread going to the dentist more than any other doctor. From the moment you walk in the door, you’re anxious and ready to leave. But Dr. Bodie and our staff have made it our mission to change all that for our patients. The patient […]

Advances in Modern Dentistry

One of the most critical parts of performing a dental filling is sealing off the tooth to keep bacteria out. The goal is to create a lasting restoration that won’t cause problems in the future. This is why I have advanced my education by taking courses in biomimetic dentistry. While well-intended, traditional dentistry was strictly […]

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic Dentistry is the use of minimally invasive techniques and materials that mimic or conserve natural tooth structure. Only materials completely compatible with the human body are used. Today’s advanced adhesives allow for more retention of natural tooth structure than ever before. Dr. Bodie has incorporated the use of these techniques and materials for over […]